Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Taking the next steps

I'm now starting the first bit of the rest of my life! I left paid work as a teacher on July 22nd and am now a fully paid up member of the volunteering classes - excited about living by faith.

I'm back in the UK for a brief visit to catch my breath and catch up with my lovely family, church and friends. I spent the last bit of July and all of August in Kenya and got off to a very good start on the next part of the journey with Hope and Kindness. For those of you that are new to Hope and Kindness follow the link to our website (www.hopeandkindness.org) where you will find information about our history and the work that we are doing in the west of Kenya. For those of you who have supported or followed our work for any length of time I hope that you will find this blog interesting, inspirational and occasionally irritating. (Because I hope that some of the things that you read about will get under your skin and leave you with no option other than to scratch!).

I'm now planning our next steps. It looks like being an exciting time with a visit to Lesotho to train with the Farming God's Way team for 9 days. I can't wait! For those of you who don't know about Farming God's Way, (FGW), follow the link to http://www.farming-gods-way.org/ and be inspired! I was. I really believe that FGW holds important keys to the future of farming in at least our part of Kenya.