Friday, 1 March 2013


As my time in Kenya rapidly draws to a close I’m sat in Nairobi airport watching the world go by and hoping that I can stay awake for another 3 hours when I catch my flight to Dubai. The airport seems very quiet. I made record time through the Emirates check in and am parked next to the departure gate just to be on the safe side.

Kisumu (my point of departure for Nairobi) did not show too many signs of election fever this morning. I was at the airport fairly early and managed to get a standby ticket on an earlier flight to Nairobi than I had booked originally. The media have been having a field day during this election reporting on the massive cost of the election campaigns by the main parties. The number of ‘fixed wing aircraft’ and helicopters in action has caused some excitement. I did see two small planes done out in the red and black livery of Uhuru Kenyatta (one of the presidential contenders) and a helicopter belonging to one of his competitors. A Landrover done out in the Kenyatta colours and sporting a loud speaker system on the roof was also in evidence in Kisumu.

I hope Kenya manages a peaceful election that is decisive at the first poll. There is a widespread view that there will probably be a run off between Kenyatta and Raila Odinga (the current Prime Minister). The sooner it’s all over the sooner I can get back to the job we have started this year.

Thanks to regular readers of the blog. I’ll be back in action again when I return to Kosele. As one of my favourite comedians from times past Dave Allen used to say “may your God go with you”. Those of you of the praying disposition please include Kenya in your prayers at this challenging time in the country’s history.