Sunday, 2 June 2013

Changing Rooms 2

The transformation of the kids' sitting room is now complete. Over the last three days all of the children have taken at turn at scraping, sanding, washing and painting the walls and ceiling. Some of them made a pretty good job of painting themselves as well. The room looks great. It smells a bit overpowering just at the moment but should be ready for use tomorrow evening. The first job for the first group will be moving all the furniture in and making the room feel more homely.

I had a very rewarding afternoon re-arranging our Standard 8 classroom. It's a job I've been meaning to do for a while. Inspired by the activity in the sitting room I bit the bullet and got on with it today. I was surprised how many spiders and cockroaches had taken up residence in dusty corners – underneath the filing cabinet and book cupboard especially. I was also surprised just how fast cockroaches move. You have to be really quick to stand any chance of dealing with them. I have never really been the world's best at classroom displays (my wife Judi is the expert at it) but I did manage to rescue some posters and make a decent display of science topics on our notice boards and maps around the walls. It was interesting watching the children's reaction to the changes in the room. I've re-arranged the desks to create more space and I think they were surprised how different the room now looks and feels. I was encouraged when two of our older girls in the Technical School said that they had then gone and copied the idea in their classroom.

As far as I'm aware our mini earthquake zone has now gone back to sleep again after a bit of a rumble last night. Fortunately nothing was damaged.

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