Monday, 27 February 2012

Greenhouse progress

I hadn’t really appreciated how big an area 8 metres x 24 metres is until I saw our greenhouse plot this afternoon. The current team of visitors have now cleared all the ground and the first support posts have been cemented into place. Once the cover has gone on, our greenhouse is going to look and feel like a small hanger. The engineer from Amiran, (the company that supplied the greenhouse), is pleased with progress and is doing a very professional job, making sure everything is done to a high standard. I’m very impressed.

Duncan our farm manager is also very excited by the greenhouse. We talked this evening about how it was going and he is clearly delighted that we stand a good chance of having the whole thing up in three days, (the engineer originally said it was a good four days work). We are planning to grow tomatoes and kale, (sukuma wiki), in the greenhouse and Duncan is confident that we will be able to supply all our own needs for tomatoes and sukuma wiki and have some left over to sell. I’m as keen as he is to get going. As well as an engineer to help us erect the greenhouse, we have paid for the services of an agronomist who will come and advise us about what to grow in it and how we maintain it. It is difficult to avoid the temptation to plot and scheme about expanding our greenhouse operation. It seems to have so much potential. We have, fortunately, avoided running before we can walk in all of our past projects so I’m sure sanity and common sense will prevail again this time. Still ……. I’m sure we have space for at least two more greenhouses!

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