Monday, 20 February 2012

Moving in and rising to a challenge

Another day of, thankfully, confounded expectations today. I had thought that our move into the new classrooms would be a bit chaotic and fairly time consuming. Thanks to another good team effort things went very smoothly and everybody was in class teaching by 9.30 am. The classrooms are huge! The new block of four classrooms will be home to our lower school and will make it possible to take more children into the school.

Our team of visitors from Cisco have been doing their bit for the Mad Dogs and Englishmen stereotype today, (and a Scotsman too!). They have worked incredibly hard, digging out foundations for our goat enclosure. As it has not rained for some considerable time the ground is like concrete, so their task has been made doubly hard. For those of you old enough to remember the show, this project is a bit like Challenge Anneka. This BBC programme, which was popular in the 1990s involved carrying off an outrageously impossible challenge in a very short time. Our team have the delights of buying all the building materials in Oyugis, (our local town), first thing tomorrow. As its market day in Oyugis tomorrow it should be a good outing.

We have the intriguing prospect of a visit from the ‘men, (and possible women), from the ministry’ tomorrow. The ministry in question is the Children’s Department and the visitors will be coming from Nairobi. I talked to the DCO, (District Children’s Officer), this morning to confirm the visit so that we can prepare for it. He told me that the visitors would definitely be arriving but he didn’t know what time they would come to our place or how many of them there would be. We will be getting a crate of sodas in to be on the safe side, (on the grounds that people from Nairobi will probably expect sodas and not the hot milky tea that we normally give visitors from closer to home).

We also have a visitor arriving from South Africa tomorrow so it promises to be an interesting day.

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